A Social IOT Machine Learnable Blockchain

Ohni is a new economic model. Every person in the globe will be assigned one and only one Ohni Token (OT). The Ohni product offered now is the Ohni Token, on sale now, which can be merged together to offer large institutions. OTs will be able to lend out Ohni Consumer (OC) fractionally, set regional boundaries, have elections and set rates for miners.

Ohni Consumers are connected via mobile IOT blockchain. Initially OC users get OC from spending at businesses that are in the network. recieve OC from spending at businesses which the OT has lent for renovation plans. OC in itself will be a machine learnable receipt of purchases uploaded to the mobile blockchain.

Plans for renovation are sold by Ohni Corporation and the Ohni Corporation retains the global blockchain of old user data. Backing for loans for demand are done by by OT holders who can lend up to x5 (initially) what they borrow from OC holders. OT holders can merge into each other to form larger entities and in time can be integrated with the state for taxes.

Decentralized & Anonymous


All token holders and the development team are anonymous. Since the team is going up against banks and various other powerful institutions, for the safety of the team, they will remain private until the time is right for publicity. By remaining anonymous, decentralized and open source, the team can be in safe hands while they plan and accumulate funds for the utilization of Ohni Corporation and the building of Ohni products. Ohni will also petition governments and banking institutions for support and utilize and give some OT away for the purpose of easier an upgrading of the current financial system.

One Ohni Token For every Person

There will be ten billion people by 2050. So one Ohni Token for every person. Ohni Tokens will have marriage licenses, wills, salaries, educations, loans and all relevant consumer information. They are private and secured and only the OT holder and the person can access it. So Ohni Token is both a person's storage, wallet and way to earn.

Consumers are the Center of Power

Since there will be a global blockchain of demand and all OC contains spending data, that data is machine learnable allowing for demand to be displayed. If everyone can see where money is flowing, they can now boycott, protest, spend with competitors unless their demands are met. Ohni Consumers can vote, have elections and set their community values.

Ohni Token is a Money Machine

OT holders set rates users who use their mobile processing power, to the miners who use localized GPUs. OT holders with good enough Marks, can hire employees and even claim entire regions and begin to integrate with the local state economies. OTs lend fractionally and can inflate OC. Rates of lending are set by other OTs. OTs can also merge to form huge conglomerates.

Slim Blockchains

You will never look at blockchain the same

Slim blockchains that only store recent transactions on mobile retain speed and network activity to a necessary minimum. Old data gets pruned off the blockchain locally and processed through GPUs and sent to Ohni Corporate servers allowing for the global blockchain. So instead of Master Nodes, instead of worrying about weighted blockchains, we just keep it slim and minimum for lightning speeds. That means we're the only choice to bring blockchain to the masses. Yes, even you're neighbor across the street will be bragging how much Ohni Consumer they have. Users are rewarded OC for storing more transactions, for using their data and for processing power to identify fraudlent transactions. Regional OT holders can hire people to visit suspicious and fraudulent transactions. Machine power combined with people power means we keep fraud to a minimum. When an users sells or buys OC outside of the area, they do it through a series of GPUs that prune the data and send it Ohni Corporate Servers. Then they attach a stamp certifying the validation of the purchases. The more OC gets moved around and the more stamps, the more likely it'll become state currency since it's thoroughly validated. Since transactions are encoded in a series of pixels, they can only be read by GPUs and with no information identifying credit card numbers, bank accounts or user names, anonymity is assured at all costs. Lastly, users have the ability to keep transactions off the blockchain and private as well as switch wallet IDs certifying that it would be nearly impossible to track a user down and find out who they are. In the mass of data, everyone is safe.

Blockchains For Speed

All the blockchains got it wrong. They want to utilize all data from start to end and enforce poor coding but we want to enforce slimness. We don't need all the data, just all the people. The more people use Ohni and the more globally connected it is, the faster the network gets because it is mobile and area based. What's old is recycled into Ohni servers and what's relevant can have plans instantly made for it. We want an economy of the future, fast, mobile, democratic with instant loans. No background checks but instead a social Volk score. Ohni Consumers set community values, vote for initiatives and rate their OT holder. A future of green and paradise where technology is being implemented as soon as it's invented is possible only with Ohni. Most cryptocurrency companies focus payment systems but we want to redo the entire system and unite the people into an unstoppable mass the world has never seen. Don't like a company? Boycott them publicly on the blockchain. Bad business practices, boycott. Bad advertising, low wages or a lack of opportunity from a company? Boycott and spend with with competitors.

The World's First & Only Consumer Technology

You are the center of Gravity

If corporations want to do business, they better serve your needs. Your needs come first. Vote for what you want; alternative energy, recycling, higher wages, scholarships, informal education, charitable projects and various other ways to improve businesses. Whatever you want. And with all plans backed by OTs you earn OC just for spending at businesses you voted for. It's the most powerful non-stop economic system ever invented. You can vote for automation but ask for every job replaced that a small scholarship be given for machine learning and programming. For every business that becomes more efficient, pass the savings onto employee wages. Choose the charitable causes and businesses that refuse to act won't get any spending there. Your Ohni Consumer, your vote. Since there is only one OT per person, voting cannot be manipulated. Elections for managing the OC pool and collecting OC for community projects can be set. OTs can also lend for "community loans" which are never to be paid back. You have infinite power as the consumer. Prepare for the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. Back into the people's hands. Have a great business idea? Need a mortgage? A car loan? Participate in your community and get your Volk score up and get a loan from an OT. OC blockchains are local but the values and voting is done on centralized servers which means they can be international. Locally values can be set. Globally, your voice is heard. You the consumer, are unstoppable. The center of the new economic model which will absorb the entire world. You can even lend Ohni to your OT and get paid a set amount.

Volk - Your Own Social Capital

Earn social capital called Volk for volunteering for your community, for voicing your concerns, for voting and for being active. Help paint a fence, help the old lady across the street, do Jury Duty, civic service and earn Volk! Now you have access to incredible loans interest free for the rest of your life! You get what you put into Ohni. Your community and people are your greatest treasure and you get rewarded for helping your people! Your community, your people are the center of your existence and their gravity is your shield. The more people work for their community the better it is and the more everyone prospers.


Where we're going with Ohni

Ohni Holders

1k +

Team Members

12 +


10 Billion

Legal Disclaimer

Exchanges & The ICO

To view your Ohni coin, add the contract:


There is a mini-ICO going on right now, for 100 million coins. Send either Ethereum or Bitcoin to this address and get Ohni at a price of 100,000 for one Ether.


Our main commitment is to continually increase the number of wallets and exchanges we are adopted on. We will continue to grow and represent your demand in all instances and cases and thank you for the opportunity for us to serve you. Please remember you are purchasing a product from Ohni and not shares or a security. You are held responsible for your own choices and by participating in Ohni you will not hold Ohni liable for mistakes or errors you make. It may take up to ten to fifteen years for Ohni Tokens to reach their full capabilities and during that time we will not encourage any sort of speculation on our token or products. The Ohni Token is for the participation and use of the Ohni Economy as outlined in the Whitepaper. Please have a financial advisor or attorney advise you on all matters.

We are on Myetherwallet!

Sign up and you'll find out our token is officially listed. Myetherwallet is a great alternative to hosting your own node on the Ethereum Network and is secure. Make sure to backup your wallet and save your password securely. You can access your wallet again by opening your UTC file which is basically your wallet. Then input your wallet password and you'll be able to securely store Ohni!

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